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Military/Government Zippers


As suppliers to the U.S. Armed Forces, Canadian Armed Forces, NATO troops, and NASA, IDEAL’s innovative zippers perform under the most rigorous conditions. We feature a diverse selection of specialized zippers and pulls that meet demanding government contract and protective clothing specifications. Technologically advanced options include durable zippers that are resistant to heat, water, and corrosion. Additionally, IDEAL’s experts are well-equipped to customize zippers to tackle a variety of application-specific stress factors.


  • Nomex Zippers for fire and chemical retardant applications
    • Meet and exceed NFPA standards for protective clothing/equipment including firefighting, emergency services, and uniforms
  • DuPont Delrin® Injected Molded Zippers
    • Meet and exceed all US Coast Guard Standards for personal floatation devices
  • Quick Release Breakaway Zippers – specially designed for the military during WWII for firefighter and chemical suits
  • Hydropel™ Zippers offer superior water repellency for outerwear, sleeping bags, and tents
    • Flexible, 100% breathable, and anti-wicking to assure no moisture transfer in either direction

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